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2009 Was a Lovely Year at Clos de la Tech

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Apr 14, 2014 | Keywords: Clos de la Tech  Pinot Noir  TJ Rodgers  vintage release party  wine pairing  wine tasting  

Clos de la Tech Vintage Release PartyOn a lovely April Saturday, more than 100 eager wine-lovers were given a chance to sample the five Pinot Noirs in Clos de la Tech’s 2009 vintage release. They came from as far away as Oregon, Washington, Morgan Hill, Carmel, San Francisco, Watsonville, and San Jose for the chance to sample the vineyard’s latest collection.

Each of the five wines was paired with a carefully selected, locally sourced or imported cheese that brought out flavor nuances.

Each guest was provided with a customized placemat, arrayed with five elegant 100mL Erlenmeyer flasks of the wines to be sampled along with the appropriate stemmed Burgundy goblet. Tasting notes about the wines and the cheeses were printed on the placemats, and tasters were encouraged to make their own notes to take home with them.

Clos de la Tech 2009 Vintage Release Party

Pictured L-R: Karina Leal, Paulo Leal, Jennifer Loprete, Diego Loprete

The wines were:

  • Domaine Lois Louise 2009, paired with Fiscalini Cheddar from Modesto, Calif.
  • Domaine Valeta “Sunny Slope” 2009, paired with Central Coast Creamery Goat Cheddar from Paso Robles, Calif.
  • Domaine Lois Louise “Twisty Ridge” 2009, paired with Pieve Vecchio from Italy
  • Domaine Lois Louise “Cote Sud” 2009, paired with Cowgirl Creamery St. Pat from Point Reyes, Calif.
  • Domaine du Docteur Rodgers 2009, paired with Fiscalini Cheddar from Modesto, Calif.
Tasters were encouraged to take a sip of wine, a bite of the cheese, and then another sip of the same wine, in order to enjoy the full range of flavors that the wine releases alone and in combination with the cheese.

As one of the attendees said, “The side-by-side tasting format was great to help understand your terroir and its expression in the wine. I loved the Burgundian style and all the wines were so well balanced.” – Vivek S. Pendharkar

Stay tuned for upcoming posts that will feature tasting notes on each of the 2009 wines.