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A Pinot Lovers Dream!

Posted by CM Support
Mar 19, 2015 | Keywords: bacara resort  Clos de la Tech  Pinot Noir  wine reviews  wine technology  World of Pinot Noir  


Our winegrower, David Goldfarb, attended and poured at the 2015 World of Pinot Noir event in Santa Barbara, California. The world-class event was filled with excitement, positivity, and countless Pinot lovers...definitely our kind of event!


We were able to engage with our existing consumers as well as people tasting our wine for the first time. Many loved our 2009 Domaine Lois Louise, 2009 Domaine Valeta, and 2009 Domaine du Docteur Rodgers. We were excited to show how the wines aged (even after one year) and so we offered a comparison of the 2008 Domaine Lois Louise.

George Yatchisin from KCET Los Angeles also liked the wines. In his article, Navigating the World of Pinot Noir, George says, “the wines are wonderful, coming from grapes grown at high altitude in Santa Cruz with yields of often a mere 1 ton per acre. This is wine that's hard work, and it's delicious.”

Pinot lovers were as excited as we were to see our P!NK rocks, which are volcanic crystals and sea shell fossils from our vineyard. David happens to be very interested in the geology of our vineyards and has quite the rock collection!


Below are a few photos from the amazing, pinot-filled trip!


Amazing views down Highway 1 on the way to World of Pinot Noir. Stopped to see the Calla lily’s in Big Sur.


On our way to the World of Pinot Noir and saw this Condor, one of the world’s rarest bird species, which almost went extinct. The Condor also happens to have a 10-foot wingspan!


A beautiful view at the Bacara Resort, where the World of Pinot Noir was held.


Turning P!NK red at the World of Pinot Noir!


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