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All the Experts Agree - Pinot Noir and Thanksgiving Are a Perfect Pair

Posted by CM Support
Nov 12, 2015 | Keywords: clos de la tech wine  dinner  holiday pinot noir  holiday pinot noir pairings  holiday wine  Pinot Noir  thanksgiving  thanksgiving dinner wine pairings  


Bon Appetit, Sunset Magazine and Food & Wine Magazine all recently wrote articles encouraging their readers to choose a good Pinot Noir to perfectly compliment their Thanksgiving feast.



David Lynch of Bon Appetit says: “Pinot Noir requires no proselytizing. Everybody knows it and enjoys it. Like a great host, it’s charismatic, diplomatic, and, on occasion, profound—a grape that deftly handles the motley crew of foods that is Thanksgiving.”


At Clos de la Tech, we couldn’t agree more. Any of our 2010 vintage release Pinots are sublime companions to a succulent roast of turkey, duck goose, lamb or beef. The wines listed below offer a range of pairing options, ranging from deeply intense and complex, to floral and fragrant, to rich and round.



These wines will not only support the main dish, but will also work well with appetizers and the myriad side dishes such as gravy, root vegetables, cranberries and of course, “the stuffing,” whether enhanced with chestnuts, oysters, sausage or just aromatic herbs. Our Pinots are finely balanced, with tannins, acidity and fruit playing complementary roles throughout the meal, enhancing the tart/sweet “ping!” of cranberries and echoing the earthy flavor of a salad of field greens.


In fact, why not get a bottle of each and experiment, trying the Sunny Slope with the stuffing, and the Dr. Rodgers with the roast beef? Thanksgiving is a time to heighten our awareness of the blessings in everyday life, and we think a selection of fine wines only helps make the experience richer.  


Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at Clos de la Tech!



Here's a picture of last year's Thanksgiving after everyone was stuffed! Note our adorable dog Dollar laying on James' foot for comfort.


Fun Fact: Dr. James Rodgers, T.J.'s brother, actually came up with the name, "Clos de la Tech!"