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Clos De La Tech Helps Kick-off the 2012 Palo Alto International Film Festival

Posted by CM Support
Aug 29, 2012 | Keywords: Cypress Semiconductor  Film Festival  Palo Alto  T.J. Rodgers  UC Davis  

Clos De La Tech was invited to pour its wine at the kick-off party for the 2012 Palo Alto International Film Festival, which was hosted by Kelly Porter, Managing Director, Woodside Capital, at his home in Los Altos, Calif. Clos de la Tech head winemaker T.J. Rodgers poured his wine for guests himself.

"T.J. is a legend of the Valley. He is truly one of the great men of this region and of the entire technology ecosystem, but also what he does outside of the office in terms of benefiting the community as well as in making his wine," said Porter.

Devyani Kamdar, Executive Director of the Palo Alto Institute, explained why Clos de la Tech was a good match for the film festival's focus this year on technology in filmmaking.

"T.J.'s winemaking techniques are cutting edge, using cutting edge technology and combining the old way of doing things with new technology. And that's what we're doing at the film festival. It was a natural fit," she said.

Along with the wines, T.J. Rodgers brought along his high tech wine fermentation system developed by Cypress Semiconductor engineers. The system was invented for UC Davis for wine making research.

The Palo Alto International Film Festival is sponsored by the Palo Alto Institute. The festival runs from Sept. 27 to Sept.30. For more information visit http://paiff.net.

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