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Cluster Thinning and Low Yield at Clos de la Tech

Posted by CM Support
Sep 13, 2012

This is the sixth in a series of blog posts in which Winemaker T.J. Rodgers explains some of the most technically challenging and important aspects of Clos de la Tech’s grape production.

Whenever we have a heavy crop that yields over two tons per acre, we remove the excess clusters to improve wine quality. These clusters are removed only on the afternoon-sun side of the trellis to produce wine made mostly from the superior morning-sun clusters. California Cabernet Sauvignon crop yields routinely fall in the range of 4-5 tons per acre in the Napa Valley to 10-13 tons per acre in the Central Valley—two to seven times our yield. The concentration of flavor and bouquet in wines made from low-yielding, morning-sun bathed clusters is unmistakable.

– T.J. Rodgers

T.J. Rodgers is a member of the UC Davis Department of Enology & Viticulture Board of Advisors and Fellows. He designed, built and donated the advanced fermentation equipment used in the UC Davis Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science.

Clos de la Tech Pinot Noir is currently available for purchase here.

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