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Cypress Tech Spotlight: Clos de la Tech Winery, Part 4

Posted by CM Support
Apr 24, 2013 | Keywords: enology  Pinot Noir  technology  UC Davis  viticulture  wine  

The Cypress Semiconductor “Tech Spotlight” YouTube video series debuted with a series on our Clos de la Tech winery. It provides a good kick-off to the Tech Spotlight series, showcasing Cypress’s PSoC (Programmable System-on-Chip) technology in action.

In this final installment of the series, I show how the original UC Davis Viticulture and Enology Department’s PSoC system serves multiple functions at Clos de la Tech. The separate units have been integrated into one PSoC-powered fermentation controller system with wireless monitoring.

We hope you’ll enjoy this information-packed video. Please like it and share it!

—T.J. Rodgers