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Everything Matters! (Video)

Posted by CM Support
Mar 11, 2014 | Keywords: chip  cypress  labeling  Pinot Noir  video  wine  



In the semiconductor business and in the business of making Pinot Noir, “Everything matters!” is our motto.

And that holds true right down to the smallest detail of putting labels on our bottles. We start with filled bottles that have been aging for at least two years. These are called “shiners” because they come to the labeling line meticulously cleaned and polished.

Every 20 or so bottles, we measure to be sure the front and back labels are exactly the same distance apart around the bottle. Millimeters make a difference!



After the neck labels are applied, we painstakingly install the signature Cypress Semiconductor chip that our engineers voted “best chip” of that year, qualifying it for the honor of being part of the Clos de la Tech brand. Each chip must be centered exactly in a perfect disk of hot wax. We use a hand-held vacuum pen that allows us to pick up and release each chip with great accuracy for pin-point placement.



The bottles then go down the quality control line, where the wax is examined for bubbles or irregularities that can be fixed with specially designed hot-air blow driers.

The final step is hand-numbering every bottle, and a last critical visual check to make sure each bottle is flawless. We care just as much about our bottles’ perfect appearance as we do about the astonishing Pinot that our customers will enjoy. After all, everything matters!