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Holiday Gift-Giving Solution - An Amazing Pinot!

Posted by CM Support
Dec 9, 2014 | Keywords: Holiday Gift Ideas  Pinot Noir  Wine Packages  wine reviews  wine tasting  



Looking at the holiday gift-guides this year, we’ve noticed some strong trends. First, people want to give gifts with a local provenance, gifts that reflect where they live and the area they love. Secondly, there is a trend towards supporting companies with sustainable products that are respectful of the environment. Third, everyone likes to give gifts that reflect well upon their own sense of taste and discrimination.


And it struck us that a lovely bottle of one of our 2009 Pinot Noirs fits in perfectly with all three top gift trends of 2014 – it’s local, it’s produced with the most environmentally respectful cultivation and winemaking techniques, and it’s a complex, rare and highly “tasteful” gift, in every sense of the word.


Of course, a gift of all five of  the 20009 Clos de la Tech vintages is even better – it’s a ready-made tasting event, so that the lucky recipient can personally explore the amazing range of our wines from 2009 – from the engaging and delightful to the challenging and complex. We believe that nothing reflects so well upon the gift-giver as the experience of exceptional wine – but of course, we might be a little biased.


With those thoughts, we at Clos de la Tech wish you a peaceful, abundant and love-filled holiday season, from our family to yours.



If you’d like to purchase our 2009 large format gift sets, please click here. Or, if you prefer a single bottle of one of our 2009 Pinot Noirs, please click here.


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