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Tasting Notes: Domaine Lois Louise 2009: Rich, Fruity and Delicious

Posted by CM Support
May 1, 2014 | Keywords: Clos de la Tech  Domaine Lois Louise  Fiscalini Cheddar  food pairing  Pinot Noir  wine pairing  wine tasting  


Domaine Lois Louise is an 80-acre, closely planted, steeply sloped vineyard facing the Pacific Ocean. With this powerful marine influence, the climate for Domaine Lois Louise vines is grueling, causing the yield to be the lowest of all our vineyards. But this high-altitude vineyard with its cold springs and mild summers is a Pinot Noir paradise and has produced wine since 2004.

This wine is always our most accessible and drinkable from the moment of its release – unusual for a classic Pinot Noir. Rich and full-bodied, it has intense fruitiness (black cherry, plum, cranberry and blueberry jam), moderate vanillin, and a long finish with some astringency. The wine has an “Old World” balance between acidity and tannin.

The Fiscalini Cheddar offers buttery, grassy and savory accents that work beautifully with the earthy terroir that characterizes Domaine Lois Louise.

Fiscalini Cheddar