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Tasting Notes: Domaine Valeta "Sunny Slope" 2009: Subtle, Complex and Elegant

Posted by CM Support
Oct 15, 2014 | Keywords: central coast creamery  goat cheddar  Pinot Noir  wine and cheese pairing  


Domaine Valeta is perched on a 2,300-foot ridge in the Santa Cruz Mountains and can get snow in the winter. Just west of the famous Ridge Monte Bello vineyard, this low-yield vineyard experiences an extended growing season thanks to the cool mountain weather. Wine from Domaine Valeta was first produced in 2002, consistently showing the biggest body and darkest color of the Clos de la Tech wines. 2009’s Sunnyslope is a highly complex yet balanced and elegant wine. The bouquet is floral and exotic with overtones of red and black fruit. The flavors are a balance of cherry, plum, clove and earth, with well-integrated tannins. As one would expect from this Santa Cruz Mountain site, the wine is supple, rich and long on the finish.


Paired with a goat cheddar from Central Coast Creamery, the wine's evident tannins are softened by the velvety cheese.



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