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The 2007 Release

Posted by CM Support
Dec 21, 2011 | Keywords: 2007  Pinot Noir  

We are excited to be releasing our 2007 vintage, including some very interesting wines for enjoying right now, and some that will just keep getting better. We are increasing our mailing list, but we did not allocate all of the wine so that we would have some available for new customers. The wines of the 2007 and previous vintages can be ordered here on our website, of course, bought or tasted at our Half Moon Bay Wine & Cheese Company.

Here are some details on the 2007 Clos de la Tech release:

Domaine du Docteur Rodgers 77 cases $102.00/btl

The bright red fruit flavor is backed by more sturdy tannins than usual, but the wine is ready to be drunk now if decanted about one hour early.

Bouquet: floral perfume, plum, mint

Tannin: round (soft, full)

Flavor: red fruit, medium (European) body

Domaine Valeta 200 cases $42.00/btl

This wine is similar to Sunny Slope, but lighter in body and ready to drink now with decanting.

Bouquet: plum, floral perfume

Tannin: sweet (not sugar-sweet)

Flavor: red fruit, full (California) body

Domaine Valeta “Sunny Slope” 142 cases $62.00/btl

Sunny Slope is a medium-bodied wine with rich plum in both the flavor and bouquet that could use one to two years in the bottle and should be decanted one hour before drinking.

Bouquet: floral perfume, plum, vanilla

Tannin: round tannin, sweet (not sugar-sweet) finish

Flavor: black fruit, medium-plus body

Domaine Lois Louise 430 cases $42.00/btl

This wine is concentrated with firm (not astringent or bitter) tannin that would like another two years of aging.

Bouquet: black fruit, mint

Tannin: slight astringency, then round and then sweet (not sugar-sweet)

Flavor: red fruit, medium-plus body, long finish

Domaine Lois Louise “Cote Sud” 167 cases $62.00/btl

Very unique wine whose bouquet received these widely varying descriptors from expert tasters during three tastings: complex black fruit, perfume, plum, spice, tar and citrus. It has medium European-style round tannin, crisp acidity and a pleasant, red-fruit flavor. An olfactory adventure!

Bouquet: plum, citrus

Tannin: round, sweet (not sugar-sweet) finish

Flavor: red fruit, medium body

Domaine Lois Louise “Twisty Ridge” 142 cases $82.00/btl

A wine with a very complex bouquet and flavor and is even bigger in body than the Cote Sud and will take several years to peak.

Bouquet: black fruit, cola, citrus

Tannin: slight astringency then round

Flavor: black fruit, medium-plus body