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The Clos de la Tech Harvest of 2012

Posted by CM Support
Dec 18, 2012 | Keywords: harvest  oenology  Pinot Noir  video  viticulture  wine  

In this video, Valeta Massey, Clos de la Tech Owner and Assistant Winemaker, and Rex Geitner, Vice President of Winegrowing, provide a behind-the-scenes look at the Domaine Lois Louise vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains and its excellent 2012 harvest.

After only yielding a few thousand pounds in 2011 due to harsh weather, the 2012 harvest is the best pay back we could have ever asked for. We had almost perfect conditions throughout flowering, ripening and harvest.

This gave us the best yield we’ve ever had at Domaine Lois Louise, approximately 1.46 tons per acre. It was the earliest harvest we have seen yet with superb quality.


Domaine Lois Louise is our third vineyard, chosen for its perfect growing conditions. The warm days and cool nights of this hilltop location in the Santa Cruz Mountains make this vineyard a pinot noir’s paradise. The vineyard is hand-farmed, and because the vines are planted on a very steep slope that ranges from 300 to 1000 feet from top to bottom, it is an extraordinary labor of love.

"The vines don't know what century they’re growing in, so we grow them in a 13th-century style," Rex says. We believe that by taking less fruit per vine and planting more vines per acre, we achieve a level of quality that’s rare and difficult to get in Pinot Noir.

—The Clos de la Tech Team