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The Perfect Glass for Pinot Noir

Posted by CM Support
Apr 26, 2012

Drinking wine is an experience for all of the senses and the perfect glass will always showcase a great wine.

Professor Claus J. Riedel, the creator of the Riedel line of wine glasses and decanters from Austria, is credited with being the first to design different wine glasses for the fullest appreciation of different grape varieties. Riedel now manufactures glasses designed to enhance the characters of specific wines.


Wine researchers Ulrich Fischer and Margaret Cliff, in separate blindfolded tastings published in two different journals of wine research, found that the intensity of a wine’s aroma is highly correlated with the ratio of th

e diameter of the bowl to the diameter of its opening.

They found that many red wines need a large bowl with a slightly narrower opening to allow full release of the aroma. These studies focused on aroma rather than flavor.

We recommend that you savor the aroma and taste of Clos de la Tech’s Burgundian style Pinot Noir from a glass with a wide bowl, such as Riedel’s Vitus Pinot Noir glasses (available at The Half Moon Bay Wine & Cheese Company).

Choosing a glass with a wide bowl enhances the exploration of a robust wine, because swirling in such a large bowl opens the wine and releases the most aroma and flavor. Thus, you will experience a far more aromatic, complex and flavorful wine.

You can experiment by smelling the wine with your nose closer to the front of the glass versus with your nose towards the back of the glass against the far rim. It’s an amazing difference and all part of enjoying a great wine.

Riedel recommends its Pinot Noir glass for other varietals such as Beaujolais Nouveau, Nebbiolo and Vosne-Romanée. We hope you’ll find the right glass for each wine you enjoy and have fun experimenting by comparing different glasses to see the difference that the right glass makes.