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The "Saran Wrap" Experiment Continues

Posted by CM Support
Aug 15, 2013 | Keywords: enology  viticulture  

In 2005, all of the fruit from our Domaine Lois Louise was lost to cold weather, and we began investigating ways to protect the vines. We have been working on a labor-intensive solution that involves stretching plastic wrap around both sides of the vines, enclosing them in a pseudo-greenhouse. We wrap some sections of the vineyard and leave others unwrapped, to serve as a control in case there is bad weather so that we can compare the progress of the wrapped vs. un-wrapped vines.

In 2011, with the cold, wet weather during fruit set, we were able to show that the wrapped vines had twice as many berries as the unwrapped vines. This is a small win, but exciting. We know that we do not yet have enough data to conclude the extent of the experiment so we will continue it for the next few years.